How to Get More From Your Prequalification Program

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Now more than ever, it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting the most from your prequal process.  

This doesn’t mean abandoning your current workflow, but rather optimizing it. By using technology strategically and adhering to a few key principles, you can use your time more efficientlymaximize the benefits of your subcontractor prequalification program, and protect your company from needless risk.   

In this guide, you’ll learn proven techniques to customize, integrate, and automate your prequal process, as well as:  

  • 3 principles of a successful sub prequal workflow 
  • How to improve subcontractor response rates with better prequal forms 
  • Why it’s important to embrace a project-based approach to risk mitigation 
  • How to introduce a risk-conscious mindset outside your risk team 

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